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This web application has been designed by and for users of CBD products, we propose you to vote and comment, because there is a wide range of products weed, oil, resin, food. Under subscription you can give your opinion, vote on six different basic criteria and
twenty health criteria , leave your comments, which allows us to show you
a chart by criteria of the best products, according to consumers
Producers provide us with uptodate information on their products.
You have the possibility to consult the votes and the comments for each product, look up a product, filter and sort your search, check where the sell points are and or order directly
so that you can find the best products, according to your criteria, enjoy.

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Chart 2018

Top 3 of the best CBD products

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Green Therapy -

Natur'All Green

10/10 on 2 Votes

CBD : 28.6 %
THC : 0.8 %

Acapulco Gold CBD

Natur'All Green

10/10 on 1 Vote

CBD : 21 %
THC : %

Kush Ice Cream

Swiss Medical Cannabis

10/10 on 1 Vote

CBD : %
THC : %

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Cannabidiol, called CBD

What is it exactly?

CBD is a molecule contained in Cannabis, plant well known for its psychotropic effects as well as relaxation, euphoria, wellness etc.
Plus, it may have medicinal virtues.

Today, the use and sale of Cannabis of less than 1% of THC is legal and science is looking more closely into its virtues. Clinical studies have been conducted and the results show that the kind of CBD molecules contained in Cannabis have more or less effects on certain pathologies such as
anxiety, muscle spasms, stress and not least: pains.

Cannabis which contains less than 1% of THC and a high rate of CBD can be beneficial for:

<< Ok then, but how do I find the right product and where? >>

Flowers Power, has set up this website to give you the opportunity to consult the rating and comments of consumers of CBD products,
so you can get a better idea about products tailored to your needs and choose the ones that match your search criteria.
And in turn, share your experience on the products you are testing.

Thank you for registering and let Flowers Power community know about your opinion. A good testimony is sincere, based on a good knowledge of the product, tested it several times or, better, if you use it for a certain time for a pathology.

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